If you’ve got just 10 minutes per day then read on to find out how to easily hookup for some no strings attached fun with your choice of a hot girl, guy or couple EVERY weekend, with almost no effort on your part!

Have you heard of Adult Match Maker? I bet you have…and if you haven’t, well take a deep breath and enjoy because you are right at the start of the ride of your life!Member 711a

Adult Match Maker is Australia’s number one site for adults wanting to hook up with other girls, guys and couples for some fun! It has a massive success rate!

In fact, did you know that there are over 1.8 million people registered on Adult Match Maker? That means the search results for Adult Match Maker (au) are huge.

That means over 7% of the Aussie population is registered at Adult Match Maker

This means that more than 1 out of every 20 Australian adult singles and couples you meet is using Adult Match Maker to hook up with one another for no-strings attached sex, one night stands and ongoing, fun filled relationships.

Adult Match Maker is incredible, I know – I’ve been there. In fact, I’ve been a member for more than 3 years now! Can you guess why?

If not, I’ll tell you – Adult Match Maker just makes it so ridiculously easy to meet other adult who are after some no strings attached fun.

Who’s on Adult Match Maker?

Member 711dcThere are some really hot girls, guys and couples on Adult Match Maker. In fact everybody’s profiles are genuine and verified by the staff before they go live so you know that what you see is what you get!

It’s free to register and have a look through however there really is an ART to getting what you want from Adult Match Maker.

By visiting this page and reading it all thoroughly, you’re going to find that you are already light years ahead of many of the other people on the site because you’re going to know the simple tricks to getting Adult Match Maker working for you, from someone who’s been there. So keep on reading and find out…

The 3 simple secrets that Aussie men, women and couples are using to hook up FAST for some no-strings attached fun on Adult Match Maker…brought to you by someone who’s actually been there!

Ok ok, enough with the hype, in all seriousness - having been a member of Adult Match Maker for over 3 years now, I wanted to give you some great tips which I WISH someone had told me when I first jumped onto the site back in early 2005.Member 714h

These tips may seem simple but I’m telling you, the more you use them the better they will work. These come from experience!

Using these 3 tips makes hooking up with Adult Match Maker super easy.

All you have to do is understand and follow the rules of the game!

1. Make Your Photo GREAT

Pick more than one photo that shows you doing activities which you enjoy (whatever they might be!)

You want to show that you know how to have fun.

Following on from this, here’s a tip that may seem a bit counter-intuitive at first, but it works!

There are a LOT of photos of the rude bits on Adult Match Maker, but I’m going to suggest that you might want to consider keeping your own naughty pics in a private section so that only the people you invite can see them.

Alternatively (and what I would suggest even more strongly), make the person you’re going to hook up with wait until they come meet you to show them your rude bits!

We’re all fascinated by what we haven’t seen yet.

If you're ready to go register at Adult Match Maker now then click here otherwise keep reading for the other two tips!

2. Send out LOADS of messages

There are a LOT of people on Adult Match Maker and a whole world of no-strings attached fun to explore. You can get in touch with women, men or even couples.

If you see people you like on there, send them a message straight away. There really is no point in bothering with the free ‘wink’ as all the people who are really interested in having fun chat through messages.

By sending out a wink you’re basically telling the other person or couple you’re too much of a cheapskate to send them a message! Almost 100% of the time, winks will just go straight into the big pile of trash.

The more messages you send out, the more lovin’ you’re going to get!

If you're ready to go register at Adult Match Maker now then click here otherwise keep reading for the last (and best) tip!

3. How to write your messages so you get the EXACT response you’re looking for

Member 713eEven though Adult Match Maker is all about hooking up with fun women, men or couples you may want to consider keeping your initial message toned down, even to the point of not mentioning sex at all. In fact, I’d suggest putting quite a bit of thought into the message!

Sound strange? It is super important! Keep reading and I’ll tell you why below.

Before I tell you, please note that just because I’ve suggested that you need to put some thought into the message, this doesn’t have to be a chore!

In fact, far from it! Your message doesn’t even need to be different to everyone you write to!

(I must admit to having used almost the exact same initial, opening message many, MANY times)

I wouldn’t suggest a 100% copy/paste job but once you come up with a great opening message, you can use 95%-98% of it each time you send it out.

Ok, so why is this so important? Well, one of the key things to keep in mind is that all of us like meeting people who stand out from the pack.

If 95% of the messages that someone is getting read:

“Hey, you’re sexy, let’s hookup”

But the message that YOU send them uses a couple of sentences of charm, a dash of humour and has a sentence in there that shows you actually READ their profile (you did right?) you will be off to a massive flying start.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be a long drawn out message, don’t go overboard here - a few sentences is fine. You’re looking for short, fun and funny.

There is no need to go over the top, your message doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to stand out from the crowd. Believe me! My original message was pretty shocking and still gave me some great results!

So, how do you come up with a great initial message? Testing my friend, just testing. Start sending out messages right NOW. There are thousands and thousands of hot men, women and couples right around Australia to practice with!

When I first started sending out messages here’s how I looked at it. EVERY single time I sent out a batch of messages I could either:

A. Get some very hot days, nights and weekends from the messages or,
B. Further refine my initial message to get even better results with the next lot I sent out!

This tip alone will make a massive difference in your results on Adult Match Maker. Remember, your message doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to get started now, get testing and watch this system work for you.

Start now by sending out your first email to 10-20 people and go from there!

So what are you waiting for, I promised you some fun hook ups for this weekend and now you know how truly easy it is to get them organised!

Head on over to Adult Match Maker now, register yourself a profile and start searching for someone today!

** Disclaimer: All Models pictured on the site are aged 18 or over.